Stuttering is a speech disorder marked by disruptions in the normal flow of speech. These disruptions, referred to as disfluencies, often include the following:

  • Sound repetitions (“b-b-b-boy”)
  • Prolongation of speech sounds, syllables or words (“Mmmmay I?”)
  • Use of fillers (“um”, “like”)
  • Laryngeal blocks (difficulty initiating sound)

Treatment for adults focuses on changing speech behaviors and emotions/attitudes towards speaking and communication. Goals might include:

  • Decreasing frequency of stuttering
  • Reducing tension during stuttering events
  • Identifying and decreasing word avoidance and/or avoidance of “triggering” situations
  • Examining and becoming aware of thoughts and feelings about stuttering
  • Maximizing effective communication

The amount of stuttering therapy and length of treatment depends the severity of the disorder, the client’s personal goals, and his or her ability to participate in the program.  These factors are all discussed at the time of the evaluation in order to determine the best course of action.



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