Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

What is
  Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy?

 Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is the treatment of OMDs. OM therapy is re-education or re-patterning of the oral facial muscles using specific therapeutic techniques over a period of time to assist in proper functions and growth development plus proper esthetics. The goal is to create, re-establish, or stabilize appropriate normal postural and functional or orofacial muscle patterns.

orofacial myofunctional disorders

We change
  Faces and Lives!

 We provide therapy for the followings Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders:

  • thumb sucking,
  • tongue thrusting,
  • incorrect tongue resting posture/swallowing pattern,
  • lip incompetence (open mouth posture),
  • mouth breathing,
  • orthodontic relapse,
  • tongue tie.

So how does it work?

  1. Our process always begins with a comprehensive Initial Assessment. The assessment is mandatory and ensures that we know where you begin and how far you'll need to go.
  2. From that first consult therapy begins. Myo-Functional Therapy is a very "active" treatment and you'll be expected to commit to the exercises daily for a minimum of 8 weeks. Each week we'll have an 30min appointment to check in on your progress and give you the new exercises.
  3. We work with many different health practitioners, orthodontics and often make referrals for tonsil problems, tongue tie and allergy testing to name a few. These referrals are imperative for your progress.
  4. After your 8 week program we'll do a complete re-assessment before you...
  5. GRADUATE! Sometimes people need further work, depending on the severity of the case AND on compliance!

Does my child need Myofunctional Therapy?

  • Does your child have difficulty pronouncing specific sounds despite having speech therapy for years?
  • Can you see your child's tongue push forward while swallowing?  Is your child a messy eater?
  • Do you see your child's tongue stick out between the front teeth at rest? Are their lips apart and jaw hinged open while watching T.V. or reading a book?
  • Does your child have an open mouth posture (at rest) or mouth breathe?
  • Does your child tongue rest against your teeth?
  • Does you child is during orthodontic treatment and your orthodontic has said: he must change his oral habits ?
  • Have your teeth moved after orthodontic treatment?
  • Does your child's tongue seemed 'tied' to the floor of the mouth?
  • Does your child breathe through their mouth?
  • Does your child snore at night? Sound congested?
  • Does your child have a forward head posture with rounded shoulders (slouches)?
  • Is your child always putting things in their mouth such as fingers, pens, clothing etc.?

Do I need Myofunctional Therapy?

  • Do you have an open mouth posture (at rest) or mouth breathe?
  • Does your tongue rest against your teeth?
  • Have your teeth moved after orthodontic treatment?
  • Do you have headaches often?
  • Does your jaw or neck hurt often?
  • Do you chew your food with your mouth open?
  • Do you drool or have bloating or stomach distress after eating?
  • Are you a stomach or side sleeper?
  • Do you have oral habits such as nail biting, pen chewing, lip licking, or thumb sucking?
  • Do you have a forward head posture?
  • Do you have a lisp at times when saying the “s” sound?
  • Do you feel that your tongue comes forward when you swallow?

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An Orofacial Myologist assists with correcting the resting tongue posture, eliminating a forward thrust of the tongue when swallowing and facilitating nasal breathing and provides therapy in orofacial myofunctional disorders.
Also, if your child is, or will be in braces, this work will allow the mechanical forces of the braces to work faster and reduce the chance of orthodontic relapse.


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