Incorrect tongue posture

Low forward rest posture of the tongue/Open mouth rest posture of the lips

incorrect tingueVery light resting tongue pressures can influence tooth eruption and contribute to a malocclusion the most common being open bite and excessive overjet. Low forward rest posture of the tongue is a primary concern and needs to be addressed. The forward rest posture of the tongue is continuous and intermittent; with remaining forward disrupt the dental equilibrium by opening the freeway space. In being open for hours a differential dental eruption can occur resulting in malocclusion. This differential eruption and the force of the tongue resting forward is the primary mover of teeth rather than the actual tongue thrusting which is a common mistake.

A thorough evaluation is required to determine if there is a low forward rest posture of the tongue and if and what contributors there are for this incorrect rest posture. Some of the possible contributors I look for are as follows; thumb/finger sucking, tongue sucking, enlarged tonsils, high narrow arched palate, shortened frenum (tongue- tie), low tonicity of the muscles. The two main causes of this forward rest posture of the tongue most likely is, prolonged sucking habits and airway problems. Once a determination of contributors is established and or eliminated a regime of exercises would be the course of treatment.


Mouth Breathing / Lips Apart Open Mouth Rest Posture


All thorough evaluation is required to determine whether the lips apart open mouth rest posture is a habit due to past upper respiratory problems or if medical implications are still present. Medical, dental and speech background will be discussed, plus examination of the oro-facial structure, breathing pattern, chewing, gathering, eating and drinking patterns. Some of the medical upper respiratory contributors may be enlarged tonsils and or adenoids, allergies, seasonal sinus, which may be helped with medication or surgery if deemed necessary by the appropriate doctor.

Once a determination of causes has been established a course of treatment is set forth. Treatment of lips apart open mouth rest posture consists of a series of exercises. Work on correct placement and movement of the tongue, tone the midline and lateral margins of the tongue to prevent flaring laterally, work on habitual nasal breathing and lips together rest posture. Lips apart open mouth rest posture has been linked to a variety of problems. Chapped lips and licking of the lips in the winter can be painful. Malocclusion - open bite, excessive overjet, and crossbite are big concern of Orthodontists. If this open mouth rest posture is not corrected it not only is detrimental to a successful orthodontic treatment plan it may be a contributing factor to orthodontic relapse. The incorrect rest posture of the tongue prevents the correct spring off point for articulation creating a problem achieving transference from isolation into conversational speech which is why the Speech Pathologist is concerned.


All For Speech Myofunctional therapy

The only way to completely eliminate incorrect tongue/lip posture is to learn new habits. The only way to learn new habits is to go through an exercise-based therapy program that retrains the muscles and the mind.

Our myofunctional therapy treatment is individually created for each patient’s specific needs, so that any tongue related issues can be easy to eliminate for you or your child. For more information, feel free to contact us!

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